Let me kick this blog off with a simple post. What can you expect? I have no idea.

I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for quite some time now. Why?

  1. Sharing thoughts and opinions that I think may be interesting for others,
  2. managing and giving direction to my own thoughts,
  3. having fun writing.

Tiny bit of explanation:

  1. As many others, I have opinions all the time and feel they may add to discussions. Whether this turns out to be true remains to be seen, but hey, one additional opinion could hardly cause any harm.
  2. I’m not a talking person and by now, I’m 26 years old, I’ve learned that it’s easier to put my thoughts on paper than to say them.
  3. Writing is one of my stronger forms of expression and with this blog I’m also trying to develop it and see how that goes. How exiting.

On the topic of topics: I will just take anything that comes up and seems interesting. News, hobbies, professional activities, random thoughts. I’m not sure myself what will turn out to be the general subject of this blog. Or should I say diary?

So, lots of uncertainties. But that’s the journey. Here we go.


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